Privacy Policy/GDPR Compliance
ID+Co are:

First off, it goes without saying that ID+Co will never sell you or your customer's information.

The sorts of information held:
As a Graphic Design Co, ID+Co occasionally holds sensitive information such as: customer name, age, address, phone number(s), email address and interests. This information is given by the client, for very limited and specific usage.

Personal data is held until the client requests it to be updated/deleted, or the client relationship ends and the information is no longer useful or relevant. Clients can update/permanently delete/request data stored by ID+Co at any point by emailing

Collaborating with Design Partners:
Collaborators and partners are given limited information with prior permission and awareness of the client, when relevant, for the completion of a specific project or projects.

Data Breach:
ID+Co promise to share any data breach with relevant clients. As Graphic Design is often commissioned by the client, ID+Co cannot be responsible for misuse of data on the client's side. ID+Co, where possible, will ensure that data IS shared ethically and in line with GDPR, and challenge unethical usage of data.

Mailing List:
I (Verity Moon) believe I have your permission to share irregular email updates. If you would like to stop  receiving these, you can unsubscribe at any time.
PS we also use Mailchimp so you will have to confirm that you're happy to be on the mailing list if you are newly added.

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