Illustrative Design + Co
Illuminating brands through illustration inspired design 

•  Need a brand refresh?
•  Looking for a creative designer?
•  Struggling to communicate the same things in new ways?
•  Have a complex message you’re trying to get across?

Here to help!
Illustration means to ‘illuminate’, to reinforce meaning through visual means. We're constantly bombarded with marketing, that's why it's important to stand out and be different - ID+CO create completely unique designs that are nearly always illustration led. 
ID+Co looks like:
•  Brand Identity Creation  
•  Rebrands and Brand repositioning
•  Icons & Illustration 
•  Magazine Design and Layout 
•  Annual Reports
•  Infographics 
•  App Design 
+ Co =
Creativity happening through collaboration
By working with others, I can offer more services, whilst overseeing projects so that you’re not passed from pillar to post. + Co also means keeping overheads low and offering you all the best expertise without a big price tag. 

Looking for something specific?
Here’s some of the skilled folk I work with... 
•  Marketing Strategists 
•  Brand Strategists 
•  Copywriters 
•  Social Media 
•  Videographers 
•  Photographers 
•  Web builders
•  Printers

Get in touch to see how we can work together!
Clients I've worked with
Q: How can you help?
A: If you’re looking for any sort of engaging design, then yes! I focus on helping content become more engaging, illustration and icons are part of the tools I use to help us get there. Every brand is different so I’ll work with you to get you what you need.

Q: Can you work to my budget? 
A: Usually there is flexibility and I can tailor designs to fit your spec. Creating engaging, Illustrative Design is wrapped up in my approach. I start each project with engaging design in mind and will find and offer ways to introduce more creativity. Because I work collaboratively, I keep costs low and bring in additional support as and when it’s required. 

Q: What illustration styles can you do? 
A: Have a look at my portfolio for some great examples! I have a few styles, one is more playful and hand drawn - perfect for non profits and lifestyle brands, and a cleaner, crisper style – perfect for technology companies and apps.
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