I would not hesitate to recommend Verity to anyone and will look out for opportunities to do so.  We love working with her - professional, thoughtful, collaborative and creative are a great combination.
–Nic, Hidden Voices UK
In particular, it struck me how much you actually engage with the material on a deep level and then interpret it visually. The editorial illustration is so well done - communicating a difficult concept so well. 
–Danielle, Agapé UK
We used Verity for the first time as our usual designer was tied up on other jobs.  We have been extremely happy with the process from start to finish - from proofing to the final product we have always had great communication and proofs to the highest of standards.
Plus, Verity has always delivered on-time,
every-time and has worked with our timescales perfectly.
I would recommend her work to anyone, and I don't make recommendations!
– Ben, BARCA Leeds
Verity brought new ideas to both our clinic and to the launch of our online shop which in turn helped grow both businesses. Verity’s biggest attributes are her willingness to give extra when needed and to not leave jobs uncompleted which is always a concern when working with freelancers.
–Chris, Good Skin Days, Guiseley​​​​​​​
Verity is a brilliant graphic designer. Her design work is excellent and the results she produces are always of the highest quality. Verity is good at communicating and easy to work with. She is very hard working and reliable. I highly recommend her.
–Sam, ExpensePlus
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